Why is coding necessary for your kids?

What, according to you as a parent, is the newest and efficient way to engage your kid in the 21st century? Coding for children is a trending way to accelerate the growth of young minds as it offers undeniable benefits. Programming allows children to communicate with the system, teaches logical thinking and helps them to understand the world around them better. Coding for kids not only improves their mathematics but also develop a sense of valuable skills. As early they learn to code, the better their chances of success. 

If you are in the dilemma of whether to enroll your kid in the coding session, let’s have a glimpse of coding advantages. 

At the initial level, learning may seem to be challenging, but gradually coding classes for kids will be the best part of the day for your child.

Programming helps kids to become excellent problem solvers.

Coding for kids helps them understand that all problems can be solved, and there is more than one solution to every problem.

Coding is one of the best brainstorming sessions that enable the child to come up with innovative ideas. When a child learns how to code, they can expand their creativity to seamlessly.


Skills Developed through Coding



Coding for children can transform how kids think and react. Programming improves logical thinking, allows children to think about different ways to solve a particular problem. Programming is all about learning, practicing, and becoming better with each day—the more your kid practices, the better the programming logic ability

Processing Skills

As programming is a whole new universal language, so when a child tries to write code, it encourages his processing skills. Coding is all about expressing views by writing a few lines of code and expecting to get amazing outcomes. Through these skills, children enhance their basic mental aptitude along with abstract thinking.

Problem Solving

Online coding classes for kids aims at making children a better problem solver. It enables the child to think out of the box, expand his thinking capabilities, and come up with the best outcome, making him think like a programmer. It allows them to learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, and Math) topics comprehensively.

Project Planning

We, as mature educators, know the cruciality of project planning, but teaching these skills to kids is quite tricky. Coding offers a way to teach kids about project management. Every child has a unique perspective, and programming classes are nothing but an aid that lets them started on their journey of entrepreneurship.


Coding’s creative side is unseen as the majority of people believe that it is solely meant for the developers. But according to researchers, programming teaches kids to experiment, allows testing their assumptions in real-time, where the child develops a sense to create with confidence and nurture creativity through programming, which helps them to find workable solutions.


As educators, we know how crucial the role of communication is. Programming helps children to learn an entirely new language, interact with the computer system using the same language, and finally expressing their ideas on the same platform. This phenomenon increases their logical communication and makes kids better writers.

Little Geek: Grade 3 and Grade 4

The computer is changing the world at an alarming rate, and it changes our understanding of the universe. To go with the trend, it is crucial to teach our kids the concepts of programming to make them aware of the things around them. Beginner years are crucial, and building thinking and logical capabilities just through schooling are inadequate. If we really want our child to excel and get ready to face the challenges in the later age, online coding courses for kids seems to be the best innovative way. Basic programming for kids enhances abstract and logical thinking and makes him/her a better problem-solver. Through these sessions, kids develop the capabilities to deal with real-world problems while learning loops, sequencing, conditional statements, functions, and more.
Basic mo

10 Classes

  What will your kid learn Curriculum
Commands, sequencing, loops, and variables
  Fun activities with coding- Learning Outcomes
Create basic games and apps
  What are the comprehensive benefits?
Basic concepts of coding
Improvement in logical thinking
  Certification of Achievement

₹ 6,500₹ 7,500

(Price Per Class ₹ 650)

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Intermediate mo

20 Classes

  What will your kid learn- Curriculum
Basic Level Concepts plus understanding binary, complex looping, conditions, and more.
   Fun activities with coding- Learning Outcomes
Create an animation and design apps
   What are the comprehensive benefits?
Better abstract thinking
   Enhances organizational and Problem-solving skills
   Certification of Achievement

₹ 12,500₹ 13,500

(Price Per Class ₹ 625)

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Advanced mo

30 Classes

  What will your kid learn- Curriculum
Concepts of Basic Level & Intermediate Level plus learning all programming concepts with boolean operators, understanding AI & Robotics.
   Fun activities with coding- Learning Outcomes
Creating interactive games and stories
   What are the comprehensive benefits?
Building creativity with code interactive experience
Enhanced computational thinking skills
   Certification of Achievement

₹ 18,000₹ 19,500

(Price Per Class ₹ 600)

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Best Coding Platform, I ever came across!
After juggling all online courses for kids, I finally set my mind to go with Academical.ly to teach my daughter the concepts of programming, and undoubtedly this is the best decision I ever made. Now she is having fun with coding, and I am happy that she is utilizing her time for something better. Thank you so much, experts! Keep going.
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As a parent, I used to think that coding is not for my son, as he is too immature to understand the concepts. But I am happy that Acedemical.ly proved me wrong. I would highly recommend this platform to all enthusiastic parents who want their children to excel in life. A big thank you to all the educators.
Deepika Singh Parent
As a housewife, I always heard the term -” coding,” but never knew a word of it. I am delighted to see my kid writing small code and learning the concepts of computer science at this young age. Hats off to you guys for bringing such an excellent opportunity for all.
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Being familiar with this platform, I can say that Acedemical.ly is the best online course for kids that teaches programming in such an easy way that your child will definitely develop an interest in programming. All educators are highly qualified, and they are helpful throughout the course. Gratitude to all educators!
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