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Teacher Led Instruction

A 1:1 teacher student online coding class for your child ensures undivided attention and focus. The live session imitates a classroom setting with certified professional teachers.

Project Based Learning

Children will work for an extended period of time engaging and solving complex questions, problems or challenges to do with coding. They will create games & real working apps.

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If children learn how to code from a young age, it has been proved to improve analytical skills and make the them more successful at whatever they try their hand at. Whether they pursue computer science later in their career or not is irrelevant to the skills they acquire through learning how to code. Lessons learned in coding can give them a substantial edge in whatever modern field they choose to pursue. Most schools offer an elementary level of computational education. At, we aim to change this by providing affordable self-paced classes. provides one on one classes to teach children how to code. We teach kids computer programming courses with the help of games, apps, and other kid-centric projects through a research-based approach. This approach has been proven to teach real-world skills in a way that keeps students engaged. It improves your child’s skills in multiple corollary areas like science, mathematics, creative arts, project-based learning, problem-solving, teamwork, etc. To sum it up in the late Steve Jobs words, ‘Coding teaches you how to think.

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