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Sex Education for Kids


Sex Education for Kids is a book designed especially for the curious minds of children who are exploring their bodies while growing up. This book is a gospel for parents looking to start the conversation on all things considered taboo. Let’s create a better tomorrow for our children by teaching them the right lessons today!

Book Details

E-Comic : Yes

Hardcover : No

Paperback : No

Publisher : Ashto Innovations Private Limited

Language : English

ISBN-10 : 9781770410169

Dimensions : NA

All parents panic when the child utters the word ‘sex’ for the first time. This comic book throws light on all the questions a child might have related to their bodies. Sex Education for Kids deals with all the topics in a story format making it easy for children to read and relate. State-of-the-art illustrations make all the lessons enjoyable along with activities making it very engaging for children. Don’t think, it’s the best gift for your little one.

Sex Education for Kids (6-8 years) is a book for children which can save them from sexual abuse and harassment, by giving them much-needed information to make more informed choices in life. It encourages communication and dialogue between children and parents. Here is a list of topics which have been dealt with in detail.

Where did I come from?
No more secrets!

Human Reproduction
It takes two to tango!

Private Parts
Belong only to you!

Genital Hygiene
It’s important to stay clean!

Games and Secrets
Be careful of the games you play!

Good Touch Bad Touch
It’s not okay!

Safety Rules
Become a safety smart kid now!

Is this e-comic really suitable for 6-8-year old’s since we’re dealing with adult topics like reproduction?
Yes, this e-comic has been designed especially for 6-8 years age group. It does not contain any material which obscene or improper for children.


How will this e-comic help my child?
This e-comic will ensure that your child has an early awareness about how he/she can keep themselves safe by introducing them to holistic sexual education.


When will I receive this e-comic?
Sex Education for Kids (6-8 years) will be available by 1st September, 2019.


Will I have lifetime access to this e-comic?
Once purchased, you will receive a link to download this e-comic. You will have life-time access to it.


Are there any activities also for kids to do in this e-comic?
Yes, this e-comic has multiple activities which will enhance your child’s decision making and empirical skills.

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