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We offer a variety of kids learning programs. This includes coding for kids, scratch programming for kids, internet safety and sex education online. We believe that every child deserves to learn a little more than what they pick up in school. But in a fun and interactive way.

Whether it’s our coding program or the e-comics, every piece of information is conveyed in the most entertaining way possible. All the material we offer has been clubbed under Technical and Non-Technical curriculum.

We welcome you to enroll your child on this journey of polishing their digital expression, computational and analytical skills. Moreover, we like an open-door policy, so we encourage parents to join the coding classes for kids along with their wards.

Explore. Learn. Invent


If children learn how to code from a young age, it has been proved to improve analytical skills and make them more successful at whatever they try their hand at. Whether they pursue computer science later in their career or not is irrelevant to the skills they acquire through coding classes for kids. Online coding for kids can give them a substantial edge in whatever new field they choose to pursue.

Most schools offer an elementary level of computational education. At, we aim to change this by providing affordable self-paced coding for kids. provides one on one lessons to teach children how to code. We teach kids computer programming courses with the help of games, apps, and other kid-centric projects through a research-based approach.

This approach has been proven to teach real-world skills in a way that keeps students engaged. It improves your child’s skills in multiple corollary areas like science, mathematics, creative arts, project-based learning, problem-solving, teamwork, etc. To sum it up in the late Steve Jobs words, ‘Coding teaches you how to think.’

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sex education for kids

Curiosity. Safety. Conversation


Children are curious about their bodies. Talking with them from a young age about their body and sexuality, then carrying this forward as they grow up is the best method of teaching sex education. Sex Education books are a convenient way of introducing children to exploring their body and having body-positive conversations.

Our sex education books are written for kids in the age group of 4-7 years age and 8-12 years of age. These sex education books outline relevant information about good touch, bad touch, private parts, hygiene, stranger danger etc. depending on the age groups. With beautiful illustrations, it becomes an exciting read for your child. An authentic source of sex education for youth is significant because they might acquire misinformation from untrustworthy sources. This can lead to children having misconceptions for a lifetime and lack of information leading to abuse.

Sex education books do all the work of introducing everything to your child if you are hesitant to engage. However, as a parent, it’s crucial that your children get sex education, and you should not ignore talking about it. Sex Education online is available in an e-book format as well as on Amazon.

Privacy. Cyberbullying. Harassment


The internet is an excellent resource for kids. But in this day and age, internet safety should be a greater concern for parents. The internet comes with its own set of risks like cyberbullying, inappropriate content and online predators masking their identity as a child. Risks also happen in categories of contact and conduct.

In such scenarios, it becomes even more important for parents to give cybersecurity awareness and keep an eye on children regularly. Our books on internet safety outline safe gaming, social media safety, cyberbullying etc. These books are available for two age groups, 4-7 years and 8-12 years. Illustrated comic books are enjoyed by children a lot more than a boring lecture by adults and teachers alike. Books also inculcate the habit of early reading and research in children by helping them to develop independent thinking and questioning skills.

Nowadays, every child uses the internet for social networking more than ever, so it is up to the parents and guardians to ensure that certain safety restrictions are never compromised. Kids should be made to follow the house internet safety rules and comics do that work in a fun way.

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worksheet for kids

Practice. Tutoring. Diversity


Babe Didrikson Zaharias once said that ‘The formula for success is simple, practice and concentration, then more practice and more concentration.’ Keeping this in mind, we have designed e-worksheets for children that you can print at home not once, not twice, but as many times it takes for the child to learn.

Our worksheets are colourful, beautifully illustrated and in accordance with the syllabus provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education in India. Worksheets for LKG have simple and captivating exercises that’ll help your child practice what they learned at school. Worksheets for UKG focus on enhancing reasoning and creative thinking skills for children. Worksheets for Class 1 improve problem solving and agility in kids with the help of practical activities. Taking multiple prints of one exercise becomes an advantage as it helps to clear out all doubts with enough practice. worksheets help you to engage your children in productive and educative activities. They help in useful allocation of time and resources as children learn the core concepts of subjects like Mathematics, English, Hindi, General Awareness, Environmental Science etc.


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Kids Learn at their Pace

All programs are meant for self-paced training. Our coding classes happen at the progress rate of the child until the concepts are clear. Our books on sex education and internet safety are meant for children to consume as and when they feel the need for it.

Better Avenues of Learning

We premiere in a class-apart kids education curriculum, covering everything that they miss out on in school. Be it coding, body safety, internet safety, sexual abuse or worksheets; we aim for a child’s holistic development. We want them to venture into the world fully equipped.

24x7 Support System

We have a robust support system available to cater to the needs of children, parents and guardians. We believe every issue faced is equally important for resolution purposes. We respect our consumers, whether it’s the little ones needing help or any adult assistance.
My 8-year-old son has completed reading Body & Safety Education for Kids under the supervision of my wife and me. We find this book very helpful for our son. Naturally there were a lot of questions. We explained everything to him truthfully but presented it in a way that suits his age. I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the Sex Education series for my child.
Parent Review
Dibyendu Shekhar Das Parent
Initially, it was me who pushed my daughter to join the class after hearing about it from a friend. But now my daughter really enjoys her class with her teacher. As a parent, I can say that the Coding Classes by have really improved her self-confidence and her presence of mind. It has brought out the creative side in her, and she’s always ready to code.
Parent Review
Aarti Vaid Parent
I think the Coding Course for Kids is fantastic because my 9-year old son, Saransh really seems to be enjoying every session. And I’ve noticed a significant change in his behaviour. For example, while arguing with his elder brother, he makes such impeccable logical reasoning that even my elder son ends up giving into Saransh’s argument.
Parent Review
Aadarsh Sharma Parent
Thanks to, I have been able to get my kid to accept that parents are friends concerned about their internet safety. The Cyber & Internet Safety book for Kids talks about all the issues kids are never ready to listen to. The book helped me initiate these conversations with my child, where he actually listened and discussed threats associated with the internet.
Parent Review
Sasi Nadar Parent